Dress Code 2018-2019

Dress Code 2018-19
Posted on 07/10/2018
Boy is black polo and khaki pantsUnified Dress Code 


Permitted:  Solid color, polo/golf style collared shirt, Small logo allowed, CMMS club/athletic shirts allowed on Fridays
Not Permitted:  Sleeveless or button down shirts, tank tops, Midriff may not be showing, even when arms are raised, Pajamas, sheer or see-through garments

Pants, Capris, Shorts, Skorts

Permitted:  Khaki, Navy, Black or solid black or blue denim, Shorts, Skorts can be no shorter than fingertip length, Cargo pants/Shorts, Jogger Pants that are made of pant material and have pockets, belt loops, etc.
Not Permitted:  Rips, holes, patches, frays, or decorations, Athletic Style Shorts (gym shorts), Sweat pants, Low rise pants, Skirts, Pajama bottoms, Joggers made of sweat pant material

Permitted:  Close-toe and heel, Sneakers or athletic shoes preferred
Not Permitted:  Sandals, slippers, crocs, flip flops, slides, heels higher than 2", light up sneakers


Permitted:  Zippered sweatshirt/hoodie or sweater only with collared shirt exposed
Not Permitted:  Pullover sweatshirt or sweaters, inappropriate pictures, words or slogans

Permitted:  Appropriately styled hair, IDs must be worn and visible at all times on a lanyard around the neck or clipped to shirt
Not Permitted:  Hair dye that draws attention, Hair style that draws attention, Hats, hoods, caps, bandanas, headbands with animal ears, etc., Sunglasses, Exposed undergarments